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Helping you make AMAZING MEMORIES! 

See the hidden gems, meet the people and experience the vibe of Jamaica on one of our fun electric bike tours!

Offering private, customized excursions for 1-4 people, we plan our outings around your interests. Experience the ease of cruising on our Sondors Premium fat tire Ebikes while we visit scenic vistas for photo ops, feed hummingbirds, stop to watch local artisans at work, pause for refreshments at a little known, road side bar or marvel at an awesome sunset. 

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About Our Bikes

Our easy to use electric bicycles offer two means of propulsion.  You can chose to simply use the thumb throttle, eliminating the need to pedal or you can opt for one of 5 levels of pedal assist, which has the bike do the hard work for you.

The Ebikes reach a top speed of 20 mph/ 30 kph and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Tours are limited only by the bike's 20 mile/30km range leaving ample time and distance to see the things you want.

Perfect activity for multi-generational families or riders of differing ability levels, Ebikes allow the slowest riders to keep pace without the effort, eliminating the concern of being able to "keep up".

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It is suggested that participants be a minimum of 14 years of age, at least 5'2" tall and a maximum of 250 lbs/113 kgs.

 As for all endeavors requiring some level of exertion, being in good physical condition is required, as is the ability to ride a bicycle. Tours are weather dependent.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more info and pics!

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Getting you off the beaten path!

Jamaica's premier Ebike tour company, offering exclusive guided outings on our SONDORS premium electric bicycles. 

Our mobile service eliminates the worry of you getting to us, as we start from and return to your location. 

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 Adventure Awaits You!

Amazing Memories Ebike Tours offers a variety of personalized tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. Our trips guarantee a one of a kind itinerary, ensuring no two excursions are the same, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic, local experience.

All excursions include a knowledgeable guide, an Ebike, helmet, bike rack or handlebar pouch and water.  Take a look at a sample of tour packages we offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book your customized tour with us today. 


Leaving about 2 hours before sunset , we'll explore the hidden gems in and around Negril, introducing you to some never before visited places or revisiting locales that feel like home.  There will be ample opportunity to stop for pictures, refreshments or to investigate the origin of a Reggae beat on our way to the perfect spot to watch yet another, incredible sunset. We'll then return to your original starting point, leaving you with a smile and some AMAZING MEMORIES!

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The perfect excursion for those who want to experience the local flavours of Jamaica! Included with the tour are samples of all in season fruit, local treats, non alcoholic drinks and snacks that we encounter on our outing. Will vary by season and availability but can include sugar cane, coconut water, grater cake, hot roasted peanuts, gizzada cake, tamarind balls, Jamaican patties, Blue Mountain coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, banana milkshakes, etc. Guaranteed to satisfy your inner foodie!

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